Agent LaClue Spymaker escape rooms

Escape Rooms

Spymaker escape rooms are great for anyone 8 to 88, in addition, they are perfect for anyone with a drive to solve puzzles, in addition, to have a fun.

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On Site Events

We bring everything needed for a mini-escape room to your location, in addition, we set up, tear down, and staff the mini-escape rooms with our Game Masters.

Portable escape room

Special Events

If you have an event and want to entertain in a way that will keep everyone talking about it, our escape rooms are perfect for your occasion.


Corporate Events

Spymaker escape rooms are a unique experience that is fun, interactive, and engaging. In addition, we offer the ultimate team building experience for those who want something more than just another seminar.

Team Building

Michigan's Ultimate Escape Room Experience

The Alchemist escape room

The Alchemist


The Catacombs

Spymaker escape room

Spymaker I


Coming Soon

Escape-the-80 Spymaker escape rooms

Escape The 80s

Dead Man's hand escape rooms

Dead Mans Hand

Large Party Area

Our party area is available in 3-hour blocks when you have 8 or more guests enjoy an escape room.

Please contact us for details.

Children To Adults

Spymaker Escape Rooms has rooms for anyone 8-year-old to adults. Our escape rooms range in difficulty and skills level.  In addition, each escape room has its own unique theme. All the escape rooms accommodate different minimums and maxes of players, so please see each specific room for details.