Quest Riddle

Like the Vatican. You are a proclaimer of history so she will celebrate your deeds. I once almost ran a marathon that started in Saginaw. 1/10th of a mile short I met my friends Mark, Don, and Mel. We decided to go to a special place. “You A.R.E. here, open 2x2h!” declared the Director. We found the 106, 4 of them acknowledging 43/47/48/55. Who came first?

Quest break down

LIKE THE VATICAN (The Vatican is an independent city state completely surrounded by Rome. Similarly, CLIO, is located entirely surrounded by Vienna Twp.)
YOU ARE A PROCLAIMER OF HISTORY SO SHE WILL CELEBRATE YOUR DEEDS. (This is another clue that would lead you to CLIO as the city. There is a Greek Muse named CLIO, who is charged with being “the proclaimer, glorifier and celebrator of history, great deeds and accomplishments” ~ Wikipedia)
I ONCE ALMOST RAN A MARATHON THAT STARTED IN SAGINAW, 1/10TH OF A MILE SHORT. (There is a Michigan Historical Marker located at the Railroad Depot and Museum in Clio. It states that in 1862 the Flint and Pere Marquette railroad built it’s original 26.1 mile track (a running marathon is 26.2 miles) from Saginaw to Mt. Morris.)
I RAN INTO MY FRIENDS MARK, DON AND MEL (This is a shoutout to Flint’s own Grand Funk RAILROAD.  Also a key clue to lead you to the Railroad Depot and Museum in Clio.)
YOU A.R.E. HERE, OPEN 2X2H DECLARED THE DIRECTOR Museums have Directors. (This is a confirmation that you have found the correct location. A.R.E. is an acronym for American Railway Express, which is prominently displayed on the parking lot side of the museum. And the main sign in front of the doors reads “Museum hours Open Thursday and Sunday from 1-3. 2 times a week for 2 hours each day 2X2H)
WE FOUND THE 106 (Once at the Museum, you will notice there are 106 walkway boards that are engraved
4 OF THEM ACKNOWLEDGING 43/47/48/55 There are 4 boards that mentioned the Clio High School Class of (43/47/48/55))
WHO CAME FIRST? (The first date chronologically speaking would be the class of 1943. There is 1 board that is engraved “HARLEY JENNINGS CLASS OF 43”)
The answer to the Riddle is Harley Jennings