Escape Quest



G.C.C. = D9
MI H.R.  = D48
MI S.S.  = D27
67 D.C. = D2
If you’re lucky 317 is where you will see Pennybags the Planter. I’ve learned from some if I go OUT, I better dress differently to keep the chilly wetness between it and them.  Like special gloves and pants, and maybe something on my head that’s not a hat. 1,2, and 3 are possible, but 2 is the most common for what you will find here. A strangeness of colors you will see.  Green for sure. White probably. Yellow and Red possibly. But it is the final pattern that matters most. The Queen and King believe it. The Stage is set for a repeat performance. Go there before it starts again. 3*2+6-5.  What is unusual about them?
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Clue #1 about the location:
PLANTER is a synonym for Farmer. Where do farmers plant?

Clue #2 about the location:
Everyone believes this nationality is lucky on 03/17

 Once the riddle is live no clues will be given.

We will tell you one of 3 answers.

No, you are not correct.

Yes, you are correct.

No, you are not correct, but are on the right path. Which means something in your answer is correct, or on the right path to being correct.


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