An escape quest ultimate is just like an escape quest with a few twists.  First, this is a paid event as the prizes are larger. Second, there are more locations, so the event might take longer than a regular escape quest.

Yes, you will need to go to the location(s) and solve the riddle(s) to provide  the correct answer.

No, we have designed the riddle/puzzle to use the elements around you at the location.  Nothing has to be touched, removed, moved, etc.  Use your eyes they will lead your way. Please make sure to leave the place as you found it. 

At 9 am a link to the first 3 riddles will be placed in a private Facebook group. Follow that link and enter the password to access the riddles.

While we HIGHLY recommend that you have Facebook, it is not a requirement.

If you do not have facecbook, we can email you a link to the riddles, and you can email the answers back to us. We are not responsible for lag time, wrong email delivery’s, spam or delayed responses. 

You must notify us asap to set up email as an alternative form of communication.

Yes, these are 3 independent riddles. You can provide the answers as you solve them. Once all 3 correct answer are submitted, your group has then unlocked the final location. Solve that location and possibly win $1000.

You many finish the 3 riddles in any order.

Absolutely!!  Every person that also Facebook Messages us the correct answer to the final riddle/puzzle within 24 hours of a declared winner will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes.


This is a day of adventure, not just a race.

Yes, for those who document their team’s adventures along the way with photos! (Just no hints or answers for the other players please!)

To enter into the contest make sure to  tag us @Spymakerescaperooms on Instagram, or Spymaker Escape Rooms on Facebook, send them to us in messenger.

To keep it fair, we will not be answering specific questions about any of the cities or locations. 

Once you have figured out the city, location and you think you have the correct answer,  we will respond in 1 of 3 ways:

No, you are not correct.

Yes, you are correct.

No, you are not correct, but are on the right path. Which means something in your answer is correct, or on the right path to being correct.

Don’t bug businesses. This quest will not require you to SOLICIT information from or ENTER  into any local businesses, including our own,  Even our Game Masters do not know the locations. 🙂
There is NO PHYSICAL item to retrieve. Just Facebook Message us the answer
You and your group are responsible for your own actions.
Please follow Government Guidelines.
Do NOT PARTICIPATE if you are experiencing or recently have experienced Symptoms of COVID-19.  Please adhere to all State and local guidelines. Remain 6 feet away from other groups. 
We encourage you to post about your adventures, but please do not post the answers or locations to social media.  Those that do might face legal action
To enter into the photo contest make sure to  tag us @Spymakerescaperooms on Instagram, or Spymaker Escape Rooms on Facebook. 
Make sure to use the hashtag #SERESCAPEQuest


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