Escape the 80's

Time travel is no longer hypothetical. International scientists researching the Rubik’s Cube stumbled on an unstable wormhole through time and space. A cyborg saboteur suspiciously resembling Bill Murray, stole several valuable items from the laboratory and fled to the 80s in a stolen DeLorean. 

Thus, your mission is vital. Travel with your team back into the pre-internet mayhem of the 1980s; the decade of VCRs, heavy-metal love-ballads, and teens rocking boomboxes standing astride their cars. Your mission: recover the stolen artifacts by solving all the clues & puzzles. Oh, and don’t get caught by the cyborg.

 Your team of time-travel experts have 60 minutes to complete this mission and get back to the future. Failure presents the daunting probability of living with parachute pants and jelly bracelets, or worse, vanishing forever.