Frequently asked questions

What is an escape room?
An Escape Room is a live-action game starring you and your friends, as you solve puzzles, complete challenges, and decipher clues to complete the mission and escape the room!
How old do I have to be to play?

Most of our rooms are geared for players 8 and older, however, we do provide 1 room dedicated to those younger adventurers ages 8 and up that should open in late June or early July

What happens if I can't solve any of the puzzles?

During your game, you can ask for clues from the Game Master, so don’t panic if you get stuck!

Do you issue refunds?

Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer refunds for booked games missed.  We know that things happen, so at Spymkaer escape rooms we do everything possible to help you change or adjust your reservation.  If you need to reschedule your date, reduce or increase the number of guests, please let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled reseration.  If your group does not know when they would like to rebook, no worries we can offer an instore credit for when your group is ready.

What if we don't fill all the slots for a room?

Empty slots for a room could be filled by other people who want the same time slot. If you would like to have the room for your group alone, you will need to book all of the tickets for that room.

Can I take pictures inside the room?

Photographs and video recording are not allowed in the rooms. We put a lot of time and effort into the design and construction of our rooms, so we don’t want to spoil anything for players who haven’t gone yet.

Our game masters would love to take a photo after your group is done, we even take them inside the room, in a designated location.

I'm trying to plan a Birthday Party how does this all work? Do you offer rooms for parties

Birthday Parties are great at Spymaker escape games. Our rooms accommodate 8-12 people depending on the room.

Guests under the age of 18 years old must have an adult accompany them inside the room.

Our Party area

Our Party area is amazing to have your party at.  Simply book one of our rooms with 8 or more and the area is yours to use for 3 hours.  You can also bring in non-alcoholic food and drinks.  Do you have a special theme, we will allow you to decorate this area.  The best part is this space is provided FREE with your booked room, when available.

Things to keep in mind.

Our rooms challenge 8-12  fully grown adults and we want to make sure the kids have as much fun as possible. We offer unlimited clues and do our best to make sure the birthday party makes it out.

Finally, we require that the rooms be booked to capacity to ensure a private room for your birthday party.

If you have any more questions regarding Birthday parties, please reach contact us at 810-620-0877 or
Will I be in the escape room with strangers?

Unless you book the whole room there is always a chance that other people will book with you. That in itself is half the fun! These rooms aren’t easy and you need all sorts of brains to help you win. The more people the better your chances of beating the mission!

Do you offer group discounts? Kids? Military?

We currently do not offer discounts for kids.  However, the Spymaker is designed for children and adults ages 8 and up.  Due to the challenging puzzles, we do not allow children 7 and under to participate, as we want their first experience to be a fun one!

We offer  50% for all active military.  Simply show your government-issued military ID when you check in and our hosts will take care of the rest.

For groups of 20 or more, please contact us to discuss prior to booking your rooms.

My children want to attend, what are your ages?

All of our rooms are family-friendly for ages 8 and up.  A parent or legal guardian must participate with anyone under the age of 18 years old. So come in and enjoy a Spymaker escape room, where you create the level of your experience, from easy to difficult.

Will other people be in the room with us?

If you want a private experience, you can book all slots for your room.   This will allow you to have 8, 10 or 12 people, depending on room capacity. If you don’t book the entire room, there’s a strong chance that others will book the remaining available spots. But that’s okay; the potential of meeting and playing with new people is awesome and adds to the overall experience.

What happens if I am late for my scheduled Escape Room experience?

Adventurers who arrive more than 5 minutes after an escape room experience begins will not be permitted to enter unless you have booked all slots for a particular time. Instead, they will be offered entry into the next available escape room or can reschedule to another day.  We strongly encourage you to always arrive 10 minutes prior to your experience scheduled start time.

How much does it cost?

All rooms cost $28 per person.

Do you serve food/alcohol?

I’m sorry but we do not serve food or alcohol. That being said there are some great restaurants and bars in the area that you can enjoy AFTER your visit.  Please do not arrive after drinking.  For the safety and enjoyment of all adventurers, we will not be able to allow you in the room.

Can I reschedule?

Within 24 hours you may reschedule. Please reference the ‘Booking’ change button at the bottom of your confirmation email.

What happens if some of the members of our party are late?

If you have booked the entire room, we will let the rest of your group join when they arrive, but we cannot delay the game’s initial start time for latecomers.

I'm trying to organize a corporate event and I'm looking for some information

What a great idea for a team building experience!  Please contact us directly at with your contact information.  We do have the ability to hold private events and have a meeting room available to book as well.  You can have your event catered, should that be necessary.

What are the difficulty levels of the rooms?

You can create the level of your experience, from easy to difficult.  We offer unlimited clues, so your group can guide the experience.  We do also have a leaderboard and to qualify you must complete your room with 3 or fewer clues.

Are your rooms scary?

The majority of our rooms are not scary.

The Alchemist rooms lighting is a little dark as it is lit by candles.

The Catacombs room will be a bit on the scary side. It has skulls and bones (fake of course) and on the darker side of lighting.  We do not have actors that jump out at you.