Treasure Hunt FAQ

National Treasure

A Spymaker Treasure Hunt consists of solving a riddle or multiple riddles, that will lead you to a specific location. Once you have figured out the location, you MUST go there in order to complete the riddle and obtain the correct answer.  The first group that messages us all of the correct riddle answers will win the grand treasure!

YES! You and your group will need to go to location(s) and solve the riddle to provide us the correct answer.

No, and yes. We reserve the right to make this treasure hunt specific.  Don’t worry we will let  your group know if there is anything to retrieve in ADVANCE. Otherwise,  we have designed the riddle/puzzle to use the Elements around you at the location, nothing has to be touched, removed, moved, etc. Use your eyes they will lead your way. Please make sure to leave the place as you found it.

Once you click on the link from our Facebook page, you will be redirected to a page on our website that will list the rules and legalities to participating. From there, if you wish to participate, you will need to click on the hyperlink to access the riddle.
The riddle will be a multiple line riddle that will lead you to a location that is within a 30 mile radius of Spymaker Escape Rooms.

The first person to message us the correct answer(s) to the riddle(s).

(After confirmation by us that all rules were followed)

Every person that also Facebook Messages us the correct answer(s) within 24 hours of a declared winner will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes.

Yes, for those who document their team adventures along the way with photos! (Just no hints or answers for the other players please!)

To enter into the contest make sure to  tag us @Spymakerescaperooms on Instagram, or Spymaker Escape Rooms on Facebook. 

The prizes will vary for each Treasure Hunt and will be posted along with the announcements for that hunt.

No, once the riddle is live no clues will be given.

To make this fair for everyone and in the spirit of the adventure, we will no longer be telling you if you are not correct or at the correct location.  The only 2 responses you will receive to any inquiry, question, answer, submission etc will be either “That is the correct answer” or for everything else, an emoji. 

When you ask a question, we will respond with an emoji face. 

When you submit an answer, we will let you know if you have the correct answer. If you submit an incorrect answer, or question(s), we will reply with an emoji face. 

We hope you enjoy the adventure and spirit of the Treasure Hunt.  

Don’t bug businesses. This adventure will not require you to solicit information from any local businesses, even our Game Masters do not know the location. 🙂
Just Facebook Message us when you think you have the answer.
You and your group are responsible for your own actions.
Please follow Government Guidelines.
Do NOT PARTICIPATE if you are experiencing or recently have experienced Symptoms of COVID-19.  Please adhere to all State and local guidelines. Remain 6 feet away from other groups. 
We encourage you to post your adventures, but please do not post any answers, or clues or anything that would give away the correct location.
To enter into the contest make sure to  tag us @Spymakerescaperooms on Instagram, or Spymaker Escape Rooms on Facebook. 
Make sure to use the hashtag #SERESCAPEQuest