Virtual Realty

Escape rooms

What is Virtual Realty

Vr is no longer a 1 person game. Gather your team and enter a completely immersive world for escape room fun.  Work together to search for clues, and solve the game together.


What are the ages?

We have VR games for 13 and up. We base this on our research including recommendations from Vive and our software partners.

How many players?

Our games are 2-5 players.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from doing VR?

While Spymaker escape rooms and it’s representatives are not medical professionals, we do recommend that you consult your doctor prior to your visit if you have the following medical conditions.  Neurological disorders, pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.  


Can we consume drugs or alcohol prior to our game?

Customers should NOT play a Game when he or she is tired, need sleep, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, hung-over, have digestive problems, under emotional stress or anxiety. PLAYING THE GAMES MAY BE DANGEROUS FOR HEALTH OF SUCH CUSTOMERS.

What Happens if I start to feel Ill?

While the majority of guests feel absolutely fine, there are exceptions.  If a customer experiences any of the following symptoms: dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of consciousness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or convulsion, while playing a Game, he or she shall IMMEDIATELY discontinue playing the Game and consult his or
her doctor.


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